Tattoo Artist 2 Game

Tattoo Games Online presents the Tattoo Artist 2 game. It is here and its even better than the first Tattoo Artist game. In the second Tattoo Artist game it is you second week at work and there are many customers waiting to get a tattoo from you. Be careful though, the tattoos are more difficult in this game than they were in the original Tattoo Artist 1.

In the Tattoo Artist 2 game you get to also choose your difficulty. You can choose to play under either novice, apprentice, or master. I recommend trying novice first as it is still pretty hard. Then again, do you have what it takes to beat Tattoo Artist 2 on master?

Tattoo Games Online likes Tattoo Artist 2 because you are a more experienced artist than you were in Tattoo artist 1 so you get to ink up more customers. Again, the clock is ticking so you have to ink your tattoo in a reasonable time; however, to go to fast or you will hurt your customer and the boss will fire you. Just like in the original Tattoo Artist game, you still only use your mouse to ink and outline the drawing. So, do you have what it takes to be the best tattoo artist in town? If so, we at Tattoo Games Online encourages you to test your skills by playing the free Tattoo Artist 2 game. If you find this game to be to easy than try mastering your skills in Tattoo Artist 3.