Tattoo Games Online For Adults 2013 – Free Tatoo Games Online

There are many tattoo games online for adults to play. Whether you’re a kid or an adult who wants to play some tattoo games you have come to the right place. Tattoo Games Online has games that everyone can play, and the best part is they are free to play.

The first game Tattoo Games Online suggests to play is the Tattoo Artist 2 game. This is the second of three tattoo games that is a series. In this tattoo game, you are at work for the first week and trying to prove to the owner that you can be a successful tattoo artist. If you injure your client or draw outside of the lines to much the boss will fire you and you will lose the game. If you think you have what it takes then try playing the game!

Tattoo Artist 2 Game

Another great tattoo game online for adults to play is the Thor Tattoo Artist Game. This game gives you the chance to draw a tattoo on nine different beautiful women. The more levels you complete, the more women you get to tattoo. This is one of the most popular tattoo games online for adults. See if you can unlock all nine different beautiful women.

Thor Tattoo Artist Game

Tattoo Artist 3 is also a game you should try. It is a sequel from the Tattoo Artist 2 game. In this tattoo game you are in your second week of work and have many customers who want a tattoo drawn on them. However, you still need to be careful because your boss will still fire you if you don’t perform well. In this tattoo game you actually get to keep and use your cash you make from customers.

Tattoo Artist 3 Game

All three of these are great tattoo games online for adults. As mentioned earlier, the Thor Tattoo Artist Game is the most popular game among the adults. However, you can test your skills with any three of these tattoo games. If you enjoyed any of these games leave us a comment of your thoughts.